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Privacy Policy

1. That the Independent Distributor of the Company understand that he/she is not an employee of the Company and there is no relationship of employee-employer between the Independent Distributor and the Company. The Independent Distributor of the Company shall be considered as an Independent Business Person joining the business with his/her free will and consent without any pressure, force or persuasion from anyone.
2. That the Independent Distributor understands that the Company is a direct-seling network marketing company dealing in ready-made garments, apparel and accessories. And that there is no membership tee. joining fee on renewal fee in the company. The Independent Distributors only pay for products and get a tax-paid receipt against their put shadow.
3. That the Independent Distributor of the Company is above 18 years of age and has submitted valid documents in support of his/her date of birth. Further, he/she has filled in the form in own handwriting
4. That in case the, Independent Distributor of the Company is a 'Company'. 'Proprietorship firm” or Partnership firm" then appropriate copies of certification issued by Registrar of Companies or other competent authority, separate affidavit, etc. have to be submitted at the time of registration as an Independent Distributor of the. In such cases, the applicant company shall appoint an authorized representative and the application form must accompany the letter of authorization along with identity Documents of the said authorized representative.
5. That after approval of his/her application, the Independent Distributor of the Company shall be granted distributorship for a period of one year which would entitle him/her with all eights and privileges thereof and therewith. Further, this distributorship may be renewed on annual basis upon making a formal application to the company. This agreement and distributorship shall be deemed to be terminated in case the applicant fails to get the distributorship renewed before the expiry date i.e., date of completion or one year. The company shall not he liable to give any notice for termination in the event or non-renewal.
6. That the Independent Distributor of the Company shall be liable to run his/her business with due sincerity and in the interest of the Company. He/she shall be further entitled to expand his/her personal business by any means which are not illegal or unethical
7. That the Independent Distributor of the Company shall not indulge in any illegal activity which could harm damage loss to the Company and further shall not sway other Independent Distributors by reducing the retail prices of the goods.
8. That the Independent Distrib utor of the Company shall not force any new distributor/prospect to buy the goods from the Company and shall explain to the prospect the business plan of the Company in most fair and transparent manner.
9. That the Independent Distributor of the Company shall also not claim himself/herself to be the Director officer of Franchise Owner of the Company. Neither the Independent Distributor of the Company of shall claim that he/she has an agency o the Company and that he/she could make any other person also an agent of the Company.
10. That the Independent Distributor of the Company shall not disclose the confidential plans of the Company to any other adversary of competing and shall also not participate in any illegal business transactions or activities so us to cause loss to the business or reputation of the Company The Independent Distributor shall also not exaggerate or manipulate the prices/ quality/ ranking/ perfectness or stock conditions in order to sell the retail goods successfully.
11. That the Independent Distributor of the Company shall be restrained from labelling repackaging the retail goods in manner similar to that of the Company and shall not infringe the copyright of the Company or its suppliers in whatsoever manner.
12. That the Independent Distributor of the Company shall nit transfer the business supplement I to obtain the benefit of retail Store and shall also not sell the goods at a price lower than the retail price in any of the retail stores.
13. That the Independent Distributor of the Company shall not promote the goods of any other company, doing the business similar to their Company and shall not persuade the customers to purchase products/of other such companies and further shall not sponsor them to approach the Direct Selling Companies.
14. That the dependent Distributor of the Company shall not damage the reputation of the Company or its Administration Staff or Distributor and shall not his/her signature on any document so as to interfere in the administrative work of the Company.
15. That the Independent Distributor of the Company shall not claim himself / herself to be friend associate acquaintance of the Administrators I Directors Staff of the Company in order to show special privilege and thus claim to affect the business prospects.
16. That the Independent Distributor of the Company shall not form Union and defame other Distributors or sway their distributor or interfere in the working of the system in whatsoever manner. No Independent Distributor shall cause damage to the market reputation of the Company. so as to cause Business loss of the Company.
17. That the Independent Distributor of the Company shall join the Company be showing proper Government issued ID Cards, Address & Ago Proofs etc. While undertaking- that they are not fake or duplicated. Further the Independent Distributor undertakes that he/she will not join the Company under more than one enrollment (IC) numbers by falsely giving separate or fake ID cards, Address or Age Proofs. And that the Independent Distributor shall not work by concealing his identity or by using or by using different names and shall not run two networks simultaneously.
18. That the Independent Distributor of the Company shall not restrain any members to do Business in his/her particular way and shall also not restrain him/her from leaving the network or encourage him/her to leave the Company.
19. That the Independent Distributor of the Company fully understand that incase he/she keeps his/her purchased stock within the company then an additional handling fee shall be applie by the Company Further he she understands that while joining at any Level in the Company by making purchasing, the exact price of his/her purchase is mentioned in the invoice issued to him/her by the Company.
20. That in case of termination of his/her distributorship the Independent Distributor of the Company shall be entitled to receive his/her bonus in the following month when his/her Distributor ship ceases he/his shall not be entitled to receive premium, bonuses, royalty or commission of any levels generated thereafter, but shall be granted the proportional profit acquired price to the termination of Distributorship, Any further bonus/profits/royalty/commission shall be deemed to be cancelled. Further in case the termination of a particular Independent Distributor of the Company negatively affects the commission levels;profit, royalty etc of other existing distributors, then any pre paid additional amount shall be recovered from the said Independent Distributor(s) as per the Business plan, rules and regulations of the Company.
21. That the Company shall be entitled to cancel the distributorship of any Independent Distributor in case it is proven that he/she has failed to comply with the terms and conditions as set out herein or it there in any case against the said Distributor of any Company in any Court of Law which may prevent him/her to continue with the Business or which may harm the Company's reputation or good will. However he she shall be entitled to join back in case of reformation. The final decision in this regard shall lie solely with the Company's of distributorship no application for renewal of Distributior ship shall be accepted after one month of the expiry/termination of this agreement.
22. That the Independent Distributor of the Company shall be restrained from getting the signatures of persons on their application forms by means of fraud, cheating or mis-representation. Al the new entrants shall be told the following things most specifically,
A. The quality, type, cost and usage of the product.
B. Distribution Mechanism and Business Model.
C. Profit and Commission Bonus from sale of products and Business Volume.
D. Returns and Buy-back policy : process of return of products and consequences thereof.
E. Process of surrender of distributorship and consequences thereof.
F. Conditions and process of Membership Account Transfer & Nomination.
23. That the Independent Distributor of the Company will make the purchases from the money belonging to him/her and not by availing any kind of loan from any person. Bank or financial institution Further he/she will not force or persuade any other new entrants existing distributor to take loan from any of person Bank financial Instruction or assure them that loan can be arranged for them at low Interest rates. The Independent Distributors shall make it sure that the new entrants have the permission of their parents guardians family before making any purchase.
24. That the independent Distributor will guide new entrant by persuading him/her to purchase bulk product which he/she is not able to sell in stipulated time or purchase lesser stock & increase the purchase gradually he/she isn't liable to purchase a definite amount.
25. That the Independent Distributor shall not mislead any new entrant by misrepresenting facts about the company. He/she will make any false promises related to making quick and easy money and also not adopt any mischievous means to enroll new members. Further the Independent Distributor of the Company fully understands that his her incomes is earned in the form of discounts/ commissions from the company and is not her regular source of income, neither have they been promised on committed any such thing by the Company. Its management, staff members, any existing distributors etc. nor have been induced soon behalf of them for making such purchases which would yield them any regular income.
26. That the Independent Distributor shall not be entitled for any costs incurred on new-members for training advertisement, Social engagement or other such programs. The Independent Distributor of the company or for any favour or purposes whatsoever.
27. That these terms and conditions shall be applicable to all the Independent Distributor of the Company and the company shall be entitled to amend the same without any direct personal notice other than an official notification regarding the said amendments.
28. Policy and undertakes to abide by the same. Any product returns would be accepted within a month of purchase provided they are in perfect saleable condition (unused, un damaged, sealed in their original packing) with all tags and labels. Further she acknowledges and agrees that in the event of return of purchased products. This agreement shall be deemed to be "terminated as per tho terms and conditions contained herein ceasing the distributorship.
29. That the independent distributor of the company shall be liable for the payment of all taxes/fees etc to appropriate government authorities, payable in connection with or incidental to upon becoming an independent distributor of the company.
30. That all the independent distributor shall read these terms and conditions and ensure that the same have been understood by the new members / prospect's very clearly in their mother tongue as well. IN WITNESS WHERE OF the parties have caused their signature to be affixed to these present and a duplicate there of. The day month and year first here in above mentioned.